Ocala personal injury-meningitis

As a personal injury law firm with its main office in Ocala, Florida, we have received numerous inquiries about the recent outbreaks of Fungal Meningitis. The majority of such cases in Florida occurred here in Marion County.   While this issue is under scrutiny from various health organizations.it is extremely important that anyone who has received a pain medication by injection (or numerous other types of injections)  in the last 3 months be very vigilant about any symptoms that could be related to this contamination and seek immediate medical help.

We at Blanchard,Merriam,Adel and Kirkland PA are already working on the investigation of this issue for several clients and will continue to post new information as it becomes available.

Several lawsuits have already been filed and we are working with the attorneys on many of them to insure the complete protection of our client’s legal rights.

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