Personal Injury and Social Media

Having represented hundreds of persons who have suffered a personal injury from many different causes—automobile accidents,medical malpractice, drug interaction, products liability etc., we have become aware that social media—Facebooks, Myspace, twitter, may have a very real and unintended effect upon our client’s claims.

These social media sources are being used to gather information about injured persons which is then used against them.  Most people use these services as a fun going means of  communicating good things about their lives—Most people do not elaborate on the pains and problems that they may be experiencing from a personal injury.  Such communications would not be interesting to our friends and would make one seem like a complainer.  Thus a defendant or his or her insurance company may take this information out of context to make it seem that a person who is injured could not be this cheerful and that if they were injured they surely would be mentioning it to their friends.  We encourage all of our clients to be very careful about the contents of any postings and to be very aware that their just claims for personal injury may be adversely impacted by anything on any social media…

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