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My Lawyer Got me $$$$

By now you have surely seen the billboards and television ads of  some law firms showing folks who claim to be clients proclaiming, “My lawyer got me (insert large $ number).”  Have you wondered why you hadn’t seen these types … Continue reading


In Florida, the practice of medicine is intertwined with two vast areas of law: civil and administrative.  A physician alleged to have fallen below the standard of care by a patient and their attorney will find themselves the object of … Continue reading

Ocala personal injury-meningitis

As a personal injury law firm with its main office in Ocala, Florida, we have received numerous inquiries about the recent outbreaks of Fungal Meningitis. The majority of such cases in Florida occurred here in Marion County.   While this issue … Continue reading

Personal Injury and Social Media

Having represented hundreds of persons who have suffered a personal injury from many different causes—automobile accidents,medical malpractice, drug interaction, products liability etc., we have become aware that social media—Facebooks, Myspace, twitter, may have a very real and unintended effect upon … Continue reading

Automated Collection Calls

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) is a federal law which restricts the use of automated equipment to dial cellular telephones.  It is unlawful to use any automatic telephone dialing system or pre-recorded voice mail to make any call to … Continue reading
Ocala Criminal Defense Lawyers at the Law Firm of Blanchard, Merriam, Adel & Kirkland, P.A Ocala Florida, Marion County.


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  Criminal Defense

Criminal law differs from civil law in that, while only money or property is at stake in a civil case, severe fines as well as your liberty or even your life can be at risk in a criminal case. The violation of a criminal statute can result in the assessment of fines and the imposition of probation and/or incarceration. This firm has represented clients charged with offenses ranging from misdemeanors to first degree murder. While most criminal charges are resolved by negotiated plea agreements, the lawyers of BMAK have tried dozens of cases to jury verdict. With extensive experience in this area of the law, our attorneys are well equipped to resolve your criminal matter. We have been successful in having charges dismissed in hundreds of cases. If your case doesn’t result in a dismissal, our lawyers are skilled at negotiating satisfactory plea agreements. If you are not satisfied with a plea offer, we are ready to try your case. If arrested, it is imperative that you speak with legal counsel immediately to protect your constitutional rights. Our attorneys stand ready and qualified to defend you in any criminal matter.

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