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My Lawyer Got me $$$$

By now you have surely seen the billboards and television ads of  some law firms showing folks who claim to be clients proclaiming, “My lawyer got me (insert large $ number).”  Have you wondered why you hadn’t seen these types … Continue reading


In Florida, the practice of medicine is intertwined with two vast areas of law: civil and administrative.  A physician alleged to have fallen below the standard of care by a patient and their attorney will find themselves the object of … Continue reading

Ocala personal injury-meningitis

As a personal injury law firm with its main office in Ocala, Florida, we have received numerous inquiries about the recent outbreaks of Fungal Meningitis. The majority of such cases in Florida occurred here in Marion County.   While this issue … Continue reading

Personal Injury and Social Media

Having represented hundreds of persons who have suffered a personal injury from many different causes—automobile accidents,medical malpractice, drug interaction, products liability etc., we have become aware that social media—Facebooks, Myspace, twitter, may have a very real and unintended effect upon … Continue reading

Automated Collection Calls

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) is a federal law which restricts the use of automated equipment to dial cellular telephones.  It is unlawful to use any automatic telephone dialing system or pre-recorded voice mail to make any call to … Continue reading
Ocala Appellate Attornye Dock Blanchard at the Law Firm of Blanchard, Merriam, Adel & Kirkland, P.A Ocala Florida, Marion County.


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DABDock A. Blanchard

Although a number of BMAK’s lawyers have extensive experience with appeals, our appellate practice is headed by Mr. Blanchard, who has earned board certification from the Florida Bar as an appellate practitioner. Mr. Blanchard is extremely proud of his recognition by the Florida Bar by being honored with two board certifications – in civil trial law and appeals. Mr. Blanchard has handled appeals throughout Florida, and has argued before the Idaho Supreme Court. This experience assures you that whether successful or unsuccessful at trial you will have a recognized expert on any appeal; only a board certified attorney may be designated an “expert.” If you have been involved in litigation whether in Ocala, another city in Florida, in State or Federal Court and seek the services of an expert appellate practitioner we welcome your consideration. If you already have an attorney you may discuss with them whether they should consider an appellate expert for any appellate review. If you are already our client then you have the assurance that on appeal we can aggressively defend any successful decision or seek to overturn any adverse one.

In the cities of Florida such as Ocala there are different levels of appeals. In State Court there is County Court which is broken into two levels. These two levels are Marion County Small Claims Court (adjudicating claims up to $5,000), and Marion County Court of General Jurisdiction (handling claims involving disputes up to $15,000 dollars). Appeals from County Court go to the Circuit Court. This is also a trial court (for claims exceeding $15,000) but acts in an appellate capacity for the decisions of the County Court. In Ocala, decisions of the Circuit Court are appealed to the Fifth District Court of Appeals which is located in Daytona Beach, Florida. Appeals from the District Court go to the Florida Supreme Court in Tallahassee.

In the Federal system the trial Court is called the District Court, and Ocala has its own Court as a division of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Appeals from this District Court go to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals which is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Appeals from the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals go to the United States Supreme Court.



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